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Google secretly gave contract of OLED Display manufacturing to LG


Google don’t want that there will be any delay in the next Pixel phones due to the supply of OLED screen. To avoid this risk, Google invested around $880.29 million in display division of LG. Some reports are suggesting that

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Here is Why LG is Still Making Flip Phones


Just like the AOL subscriptions, the flip cover phones and flip phones appear to be just like anachronism, leftover fragment, and devices from another age. Although, like AOL subscriptions, these phone have still persisted in the market, with the introduction

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LG 3G features best McAfee Mobile Security


The smartphones have become a target for the cyber-criminals of various types due to the financial value which they carry, and the wide range of personal information users consume them for storage. According to research done at the Creighton University,

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LG Launches Additional OLED HDR TV Stunners


The TV industry is bubbling again, after no news of new development and launching of new products for several years. With the announcement of more than a few incredible innovative products in the 4K OLED HDR TV listings, the plan

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LG Plan to Flog G6 Smartphone Using Telstra


LG now offers a free 43-inch smart TV to lure you into purchasing a new LG’s smartphone. LG’s just doing that, flogging a quick TV with your G6 buying. Telstra has given more info on when the LG smart TV

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LG and Intel have Purportedly Joined Hands to Develop a Mobile SoC


LG is a Smartphone manufacturer that really makes a lot of the components that go inside its handsets, vary from the displays to the batteries, just like its cross town rival – Samsung. However, LG doesn’t a lot of know-how in

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