LG X Venture, LG G5 or LG X Mach


LG X Venture, LG G5 or LG X Mach


It is one of the very common things in the mobile industry that, some companies’ share goes up and down. Same is the case with LG, but it has not created as good image as they were expecting in a

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Will LG G6 Surely Help LG Recover its Fame?


LG has greatly lost some of its fame since the launch of the LG G5 model in last year, but one has to offer LG a lot of praise for taking a stab at some genuine invention with the LG

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LG G5 Review


When searching for a premium android smartphone, there are features that you expect from the best offerings. If you are looking at this phone from a distance, you may be forgiven for mistaking it for a Samsung Edge, due to

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