LG and Apple Partner to Bring Foldable Phone

LG and Apple Partner to Bring Foldable Phone

It seems that everything that can be done to and with smartphones has already been done. We have come a long way, but it seems that the biggest rage of this year, the disappearance of the smartphone bezel, has been the extent of manufacturing ventures.

Excitement was again stirred when Samsung made the announcement that they would be creating an Android phone that would be foldable in the early part of 2018. On the tail of this announcement comes another announcement that LG and Apple might possibly be teaming up in order to produce a foldable smart phone.

In reality, this is not the first that this industry is heard of such a venture. Back in December of 2016, there was a posting called, “Korean Report Wildly Speculates that LG is Working with Apple, Google and Microsoft to Deliver Foldable Devices by 2018”. Even then, it was thought not likely to happen, but it certainly does not stop the rumors from spreading.

We have known for a long time that Samsung is a game changer when it comes to the OLED market. However, it has yet to commercialize an OLED display that is flexible. LG has already revealed a display that is foldable, at the CES, and it is thought that that particular market segment might soon be theirs first.

It could be this is the reason that Apple wants to collaborate with them. It makes sense, because there was a report this past July stating that Apple could potentially sink over two billion US dollars into a new OLED LG plant.

According to that report, Apple intends to use a flexible LG screen for a yet to be announced smartphone offering. Amidst this talk are more rumors still that LG’s Innotek is already phasing in the possibility of creating circuit boards that will be rigidly flexible and will be featured inside a new flexible phone.

However, Apple is not planning to release such a smartphone until some time in 2020. Because of this, competitors such as Samsung, and even LG themselves, would have quite a head start if they want to produce their own foldable smartphones.

Even now, Samsung is certifying the Galaxy X in South Korea, which is a foldable phone they intend to release in 2018, two years ahead of Apple’s plans. However, since everything is in the speculative phase, there is a bit of skepticism around this news.

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