LG G6 Best Features


LG G6 Best Features


With the G6, LG has made a really solid, good and reliable phone. The G6 is all about nailing the basics – this is a very straightforward, sturdy, surprisingly little phone, so the centerpiece of this phone is the 5.7-inch

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LG G6 and the G series


This year is the no tricks year for the LG. During the past few launch cycles of the company, it appeared that LG required to gain some much eye catching and attractive items for seeking the attention of phone lovers

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LG Plan to Flog G6 Smartphone Using Telstra


LG now offers a free 43-inch smart TV to lure you into purchasing a new LG’s smartphone. LG’s just doing that, flogging a quick TV with your G6 buying. Telstra has given more info on when the LG smart TV

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LG’s Airport Robots Delivers a Positive and Helpful Level of Technology


Whenever we hear about LG, we reasonably tend to center on its handsets, TVs and maybe appliances, after all, we are most surprised when to something like a new display or the LG G6 launched. But LG is a great

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Will LG G6 Surely Help LG Recover its Fame?


LG has greatly lost some of its fame since the launch of the LG G5 model in last year, but one has to offer LG a lot of praise for taking a stab at some genuine invention with the LG

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