LG’s Plans to Double its Sales in Japan in 2017

LG’s Plans to Double its Sales in Japan in 2017

The South Korea’s LG Electronics desires to polish its make in Japan, and so the firm strategies a sales revolution as its latest ultrathin high-definition TVs entrance in the state early next month. According to reports from the LG Electronics Japan president, Lee Yin-gyu, they wish to increase the number of units sold in Japan in 2017 to double the number of units sold last year.

The company is planning to present organic light-emitting diode flat-screens in the market in April this year. The TVs will come in four models and three series. The first model is the 65-inch OLED W7P series which is 3.9mm thick from the rear to the screen, so mounting the set is like hanging a picture on the wall.

“This is a design that is made probable by OLED,” the president added. It will be simply the final TV for those who pursue simplicity toning with the interior decking.

LG used the newest panel knowledge to lift the brightness 25% related with former OLED TVs. That model will be valued about 1,000,000 yen in Japan. Not like former models that unveiled first in South Korea and the U.S., the W7P will go on sale at once global.

When LG unveiled its prior lineup in April last year, the firm forecast worldwide sales of 1 million units that year. It was an average sale but now the company is planning to achieve more this time.

Japan will be main to fulfilling those achievements. Nevertheless Japanese sales are fewer related with the robust numbers coming out of the West as well as South Korea, the LG brand is becoming better known in Japan, cheers somewhat to electronics volume traders setting up a unit loyal to LG products.

LG uncovered the W7P in January this year at the Consumer Electronics Show that took place in Las Vegas, the largest global expo of its type. The group is making a bet that this smart TV will advance the company’s make image, specifically in Japan.

Since the technology is highly growing, LG is creating a suitable interface to sell more by producing modern devices. This is evident from the previously unveiled LG devices indicating that the company has big plans to surprise its fans with high-tech devices.

Though LG can improve its sales in Japan as planned, but there is a possibility to face stiff competition from other foreign companies looking for the same ‘fruit’. However, LG has already shown that Japan is its stronghold since it always makes huge sales there whenever they launch a new device. Unquestionably, it is possible for it to achieve more if the plan works.

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