LG G6 Best Features

LG G6 Best Features

With the G6, LG has made a really solid, good and reliable phone. The G6 is all about nailing the basics – this is a very straightforward, sturdy, surprisingly little phone, so the centerpiece of this phone is the 5.7-inch display which goes very nearly edge-to-edge and that’s great because the thing is actually not much different in size from say a pixel.

It’s actually a little bit smaller, yet it manages to fit a bigger screen in there and LG’s pull that off with a couple of neat things. So you’ll notice that the corners of the screen are curved, the screen itself is actually curved and they do that to protect it so that when it hits if you drop it, it’s less likely to crack the screen. Because, there’s not you, know a square edge right up against the edge of the bezel there.

The other thing you should know about this screen is: it is an 18 by 9 aspect ratio. It’s super tall or super wide if you will and what that does is it enables a bunch of really clever tricks? So if you were to say multitask, you can actually see more of the two things on the screen because it is a much taller screen to work with. LG also made a really neat camera app that they call square camera where you take a picture on the top, and it immediately shows you what you’ve taken a photo of on the bottom. So you can see if your Instagram shot is actually lined up the way that you want, which is really clever.

other things that are really just standard and straightforward about this phone is that it is waterproof, it’s ip68 waterproof. It has a bunch of different kinds of Gorilla Glass. Actually, on the front, it’s Gorilla Glass 3 which makes it pretty thin on the back. You have Gorilla Glass 4 over the lenses which prevent it from scratching and then a curved Gorilla Glass 5. Back inside there’s a 3300 milliamp battery, which is actually a little bit smaller than LG could have done, but they wanted to make this thing again reliable. They say you’ll get more than a day out of it. There’s a fingerprint sensor, and there are two cameras there’s a wide-angle lens at 125 degrees, Android lens at 71 degrees, and what that allows LG to do is have either toggle the zoom Mode from white wide-angle to telephoto – or you can just zoom right in and they say they’ve done a better job of not having a balance between those scrolls. When you take a photo, your previews are like in a little carousel on the left, rather than a tiny thumbnail. So you can see what you’re taking a picture of right away inside this thing.

In terms of specs. It’s a Snapdragon 820 one processor, which is not going to be probably the latest and greatest this year, but it still is a very good processor. It has got 4 gigs of RAM for running apps and 32 gigs of storage and then, of course, there’s expandable storage on the side here. The LG G6 is available in black and platinum, but not white.

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