LG G6 and the G series

LG G6 and the G series

This year is the no tricks year for the LG. During the past few launch cycles of the company, it appeared that LG required to gain some much eye catching and attractive items for seeking the attention of phone lovers – hopefully, a single crutch will make the viewer care regarding the G series of handsets by LG over the dominating Galaxy series of Samsung. The latest work done in these terms include the shiny crystal usage, the tunes of notification by the singing schoolboys, laser technology, bad modular features and the cow sections stick at the back.

Surely, you can have fun while using the rolling bot of LG and the choir by the Vienna’s boys. However, the concepts remained awful globally. The actual problem was that the company, during past few years, apparently didn’t make any progress a lot than throwing shit right at the wall. Some of this got stuck – the features such as dual cams, laser autofocus, super displays, and OIS – became the flagships for modern Android. Rest of the features such as buttons present at the back didn’t make any cut.

And, amazingly during 2017, the ill-conceived design of the modular system of the G5 by LG is the conceptual dumpster. Probably, the aspect ratio for the screen of G6 (2:1) is the only LG’s thing for this year, which is to be discarded for next 12 months favoring the upcoming thing. However, after some days after the use of this phone ahead of the MWC 2017 non-concealing, it is argued that the phone will be more than just a gimmickry.

This phone includes many robust features, if a little-understated phone made around the lanky display, while the attitude of LG with the recent handset is less like being crazy about what has been done and more to be cool about the new phone. Meanwhile, the company isn’t focusing on the spec hounds in 2017 with the G series phone, which isn’t a big leap beyond the V20 and leaks a couple of main features of that phone. All main effort done is to differentiate the V and G lines, as per the LG. It can be hoped that the eventual cost point will reflect this later and people will get to know the plan.

Anyway, the main thing to find out is that the new LG strategy of being trick free is good or not.

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