Google secretly gave contract of OLED Display manufacturing to LG

Google secretly gave contract of OLED Display manufacturing to LG

Google don’t want that there will be any delay in the next Pixel phones due to the supply of OLED screen. To avoid this risk, Google invested around $880.29 million in display division of LG. Some reports are suggesting that investment would be increase by Google. We think LG is too serious about this contract that’s why there is no statement from any officials of LG. For now, AMOLED displays used by Pixel and Pixel XL which is supplied by Samsung.

There is no leak about what type of curved screen Google will use in the upcoming Pixel. For now, Apple watches and LG Electronics watches are using LG flexible OLED panels.

We will not surprise if Google put a curved screen in upcoming Pixel because most smartphone makers are showing interest in curved displays. Reports suggesting that Samsung is also manufacturing 70 million OLED screens for iPhone 8.

Google have very fewer options for their OLED displays if LG reject their proposal because there is no confirmation from LG yet. Maybe Samsung will deliver OLED displays to Google if LG rejects OLED proposal of Google. In January, Japan display Inc. stated that they will continuously produce flexible OLED until 2018. Last year, Pixel phone has OLED display but there were many issues related to them.

Rumors suggest that Pixel 2 will be launched in October. Megapixel of the camera will not change too much but the quality of camera will be definitely change. There is no too much info about Google pixel but reports are suggesting that there will be Snapdragon 835 chipset. There will be an improved camera in Pixel 2. Reports are suggesting that Google will make a low-end version of Pixel to get more share of market.

In a blog post, Android Police revealed code names for Pixel 2 which is Walleye and Muskie. Reports state that these code names are for 5 inches and 5.5 inches display Pixel.

Not only this, there is another code name which is Taimen and reports suggest that this code name is a bigger version of Walleye and Muskie which suggests that there will be a high-end version of pixel also.

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