Why LG is Still Making Flip Phones

Why LG is Still Making Flip Phones

Just like the AOL subscriptions, the flip cover phones and flip phones appear to be just like anachronism, leftover fragment, and devices from another age. Although, like AOL subscriptions, these phone have still persisted in the market, with the introduction of Wine Smart device by LG on the previous week.

This device is running on Android 3.2-inch screen, whereby it comes with a choice of navy or burgundy and also has got an LTE connection. In addition the Wine Smart LG handset has got a physical number pad with a bunch of shortcut buttons, which were the pride of the old Nokia phone at a particular point in life.

It would be very easy for us to poke fun on something that we aren’t understanding properly, but it will be far awesome and ideal for us to find out the reason as to why the LG Wine Smart handset (and some similar more from Samsung) still exist in the market. After a thorough scrutiny and interviews from the respective companies it was evident that people who use these phone enjoy them primarily because of some four notable reasons. These reasons incorporate:

  • Their phones are primarily used for the purpose of talking and not browsing nor talking;
  • Users who want their children who are young to connected but never to get distractions of games (this is why they deliberately incorporated the fold back the display half design that makes it impossible to play games in the landscape mode);
  • These phones are also ideal for users who are generally older and aren’t comfortable with pressing buttons that are on the screen or users who find it cumbersome when pressing tiny buttons on the glass display;
  • The other users are those who need some occasional smart functions for messaging and looking things up.

With these facts from the LG Company, you will surprisingly see a lot of sense. Whereas it is very true to say that the use of smartphones have been widely homogenized, where many people have very similar requirements in their smartphones, there are some users groups who want something different. These are the customers that are targeted by LG. The Wine Smart can be a way in which LG says, “We have always been about offering choices and options.” This company has also told that their device was inspired by the Korean Local phone use and not the entire world of smartphones.

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