LG V30 Tipped for Getting the Widest Camera Aperture in the phone

LG V30 Tipped for Getting the Widest Camera Aperture in the phone

After the release of Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge by Samsung, having the phone camera with the aperture of F/1.7, there started an expanding competition between the companies. The LG V30 desires to win the race by providing the amazing phone options. presently, the cameras face the low-light scenarios, however, the manufacturer of the phone needs to put the start to the great things by integrating the wildest cam aperture in the smartphone structure ever. The LG V30 is also planning to get the benefit of the crystal clear lens for elevating the phone camera’s photography. Here are the reasons.

Touting the aperture of F/1.6, the LG V30 is going to be under making the huge breakthrough in the phone camera’s photography, according to the president of the LG mobile manufacturing and communications firm, Juno Cho.

As he mentioned that the LG increases an unrivaled tradition in the phone photography and the company’s decision for adopting the glass in the phone’s camera is particularly because of the heritage traditionally covering the kingdom of the DSLRs. For those who use the V series, this new feature is important.

The rear camera of the LG V30 has the aperture of F/1.6, which will be able to include 25% much brightness to the camera lens, creating the more detailed and fascinating image, even at the low light conditions. Moreover, this phone will also use the benefit of the crystal clear lens. This lens can deliver the greater light-gathering feature contrary to the use of the plastic lens, along with the better color reproduction. Having this amazing pairing, the LG claims that the perfect features of the videography as well as the photography in this phone.

The latest flagship phone is also going to be guarded with the powerful structure like the Snapdragon 835, with the rumors saying that the phone is going to have the Ram of 6 GB. The internal storage may reach to the value of 64 GB, with the model of having the value of 128 GB. The phone is provided with the fingerprint sensor at the rear side of the phone body which should be convenient to access contrary to the latest release of the Samsung Galaxy note 8 and this phone is also going to be the first model by the LG which supports the P-OLED panel system.

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