LG and Intel have Purportedly Joined Hands to Develop a Mobile SoC

LG and Intel have Purportedly Joined Hands to Develop a Mobile SoC

LG is a Smartphone manufacturer that really makes a lot of the components that go inside its handsets, vary from the displays to the batteries, just like its cross town rival – Samsung. However, LG doesn’t a lot of know-how in designing its own chipsets, unlike Samsung.

The company’s foremost Smartphone which is SoC is generally considered a failure in terms of both power consumption and performance, despite the fact that the company tried its luck at manufacturing SoC Smartphone with LG Nuclun last year. In this particular situation, we would like to discuss about a latest rumor from South Korea, the home country of LG according to which LG has joined hands with Intel to produce SoC Smartphone.

The report pointed out that LG and Intel have been discussing about how to actualize this dream ever since earlier this year, but have just taken their teamwork to the next step and agreed on joint development. Regrettably, the report failed to talk about any other details in relation to the level of this partnership between Intel and LG. Most especially, we’re mainly interested in learning if the Intel-LG partnership entails the impending LG Nuclun 2 or a new mobile fragment series altogether.

This situation is not the first time that LG will be joining forces with Intel as far as the manufacturing of mobile SoC is oncerned. Just in the recent time, there was a rumor that asserted that when LG wants to integrate an XMM 7360 LTE-A radio belonging to Intel, LG Nuclun 2 got belated. On the other hand, it was gathered from the reports coming out of Asia that the fragment might be made on either Intel’s 14nm or TSMC’s 16nm node technologies.

As with all rumors, Make sure to maintain a dosage of disbelief about the information emphasized in this report. All hands are on deck and all eyes are watching out for more details about this development and you will be informed when new information is available.

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